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Best Lawyers in Pakistan
Best Lawyers in Pakistan

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The justice system is crucial. If any citizen in the country is not able to access immediate justice, then the country will never succeed. The justice system in any country can only be successful if it will have the appropriate lawyers and judges.

This list lists the names of prominent or well-known lawyers from Pakistan.

These are the most highly regarded lawyers in Pakistan. Details on the lawyers is given as soon as it is.

A. Nawaz Osmani Law Associates is a well-known Law Firm / Lawyers in Pakistan, with legal services throughout Pakistan as well as a global network of friendships. The family that founded the company is involved in the field of law for the past three generations.

His exceptional talents and his success as a solicitor have enabled the firm to provide top-quality legal services and representation to individual and institutional clients. In a short period of time, the firm established an impressive reputation for providing professional legal services that are of the highest quality before Pakistan’s Trial Courts, Special Courts, Tribunals, Appellate Tribunals, High Courts, and Supreme Court.

The case is being dealt with now by a team of lawyers who have vast experience in a variety of legal fields and are committed to addressing the needs of our clients.

Address: Suite # 17, 7th Floor, Office Towers, Rimpa Plaza, M.A. Jinnah Road,, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

A. Nawaz Osmani Law Associates. Karachi Phone Number / Contact Number:

+92 21 2762286

Mobile Phone:

+92 321 2770225


+92 21 2762286

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