What’s the Difference Between Key Cutting and Key Copy?

Although they could be identical key copy and cutting are different in their ability to be used in a variety of ways. To duplicate key copies it is required to use the original key. Key cutting is possible with the key, either with or without the original.

When you receive a key replacement the machine that duplicates your key creates a new version of your key using the original key copy as a template.

The most essential copy duplicator comes with two ports. One holds the original key while another holds the blank. The machine’s blades may use the original template to guide them through cutting the blank key. After the cutting, the machine smooths and polishes a new key copy, so it’s in good condition to use.

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What are the most common kinds of key copy blanks?

Locksmith PGH stocks a variety of cylinder blanks, ranging from plain metal blanks to ornamental keys. Key blanks have metal or plastic heads and the plastic versions come in a variety of colors to make it easy for identification.

You’ll require the proper key blank in order to make new keys for your home or office. While cylinder key blanks are the most popular key blanks, barrel and bit ones are available, as well.

Cylinder Key Copy Blanks

Cylinder keys are the most commonly used key blank. They can be used for a variety of locks like car locks, padlocks and even doors. These blanks for keys are constructed with long blades and bows. They also feature “V” cuts at the top edges for drivers and pins in locking mechanisms.

Bit and Blanks for the Barrel Key

Barrel blanks and bit metal blanks may be tubular or hollow. However barrel blanks come with an opening on their top and hollow shafts. Bit blanks are, however, are solid and have no opening. They are similar to “skeleton” keys, and are mostly used for decorative or antique uses.

How long does it take to obtain a Key Copy?

Depending on the kind of key you’re looking to copy, you can expect the entire key cutting process to take about five minutes or less. It’s worth it to wait for a short time to get a duplicate copy of your key in contrast to the hassle that you’d need to confront if there wasn’t one.

You don’t need to travel far if are searching for locksmith PGH close to you. Browse the wide selection of blank keys for metal at Locksmith PGH online and use our store locator to locate your neighborhood Locksmith PGH store to use the essential copying services we offer in person.

How to Copy a Key Copy



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